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3 in gel pies


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I was previously satisfied with wicking for a 5 in pie, but now that I got some suggestions of other options I want to try those.

I did a search on this topic for wicking suggestions for the 3 in pies. I just got some supplies for these and made a few with the 104 wicks. They burned ok, but the crust never melted. Is the crust supposed to melt?

You folks that make the 3 inch pies--how are you wicking them? I love these littles pies.

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Thanks for clearing that point for me. I wasn't sure. I made a few and have burned 2 of them. Each with different types of crusts. Both burned completely--gel and embeds--without melting a bit of the crust. I wasn't sure if this was how it was sposed to work!

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