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What glass is safe?

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Hi again! It's the newbie pest. I have a question on glass. I saw a cute amber colored stemmed glass with a candle in it at Kohls and was wondering if this sort of glass is safe to use with candles. I don't have a picture of it but it looked like a regular stemmed water glass to me-kind of thin glass. That gave me an idea to look for my own stemware but as I said before I'm not sure if it's safe and I don't want glass exploding on anybody. Thanks a bunch and sorry if I'm posting too much.

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I've read somewhere that if you can pour boiling water into a container and it doesn't crack or shatter than it's probably ok to use for a candle, the thinking being water boils @ 212 and candle wax melt points are lower than that (I use a container blend with a melt point of 119)

If this isn't right, someone with more experience will chime in :)



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