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Hello all!

Went to this trendy store about an hour from here in a bigger town. They have a store with handmade jewlery, art, pottery, and other little stuff. They do alot of stuff for consignment and already have a line of candles they sell when they went to market. I smelled and took one with me nothing handmade. Anyway, the told me they would like to do consignement with me and that they would display right out front. They said they would prefer for me to bring a inventory of the candles on disc to add to their inventory so that if anything is lost or missing when it is time that they will know. They do 20% on anything that sales and also they do a trunk show for people and sponsor them. He said that they would do one for me in November he would send invitations to all customers and have wine and cheese and I would be the highlighted event. I have never done consignment and was wondering if anyone else had stuff. He also is interested in our soaps he does have some in there but it is Glycerin and he would love some of out CP soap. He said people go crazy of LOCAL stuff. Also asked for baskets too at holiday time. I just was trying to find out if any did that and how that did for you as well as the percentage he has said.


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I would try and get him to purchase wholesale from you. If he is so interested in things LOCAL and homemade, he should be the one spending money, not you.

I agree with Jenny. Wholesale is always better if you can get it.

Now for consignment I have seen contracts for consignment and the percents that I have seen are anywhere from 10% to 30% (with no rental fee.) There is another place that just changes you rent in my area and she charges $45 a month min. 3 months for a space that is 3 ft by 4 ft.

And keep in mind that every area is different.

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Do you know how often they do trunk shows--every month, every quarter, or only during holiday seasons? It would be nice if you could attend one to see how the turn out is for such an event before you commit to anything. Do you know if you will be one of a featured artists, or would it just be you. If it's just you, I would be somewhat suspicious. Either your stuff is damn good, or he must not have a lot of consignors. I'd be pissed if I had my stuff in there and they pulled someone in off of the street to highlight their stuff during a trunk show.

I think consignments generally range from 10% up to 40% (40% usually for larger items, not b&b stuff). Many places also charge rent in addition to the commisssion, that way the will still have a steady income even if consigned items don't sell.

Twenty percent doesn't sound too bad if you don't have any other fees to pay. Maybe you can negotiate that rate. I doesn't hurt anything to try.

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IMHO consignment should be your very last resort...there are just too too many things that can happen and too too many problems that can crop up.

You could probably give this person a much better deal on your candles then he got on the ones he carries. Since people are so big on "local" items, you might just try to get him to buy your candles wholesale instead of the "non-local" ones he has now.

As a shop owner anything he can get from someone else that doesn't cost him anything out of pocket is :yay:to him. YOU are taking all of the risk. I would be more concerned about the soap and baskets ...these items would get more "shop worn" than jar candles and are more likely to disappear also.

Really give this a lot of thought before jumping into it.

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We tried consignment several times with different contracts and rules. We will never do it again. The store owner may talk big and impressive up front, but they still have no ownership. It is still your products. What happens to breakage? Theft? Where will your products be displayed? We had nothing but horror stories with consignment. If they like your products, they should buy them wholesale. Consignment gives you all of the risk.

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