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So Excited!


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After a rollercoaster week:eek: ...the vinyl items I ordered off of eBay have arrived! I was so excited, that I immediately went out and applied the banner to the back of our SUV. Just had to come and show them off...how nice did these turn out? I got a banner and t-shirt for the craft show too. And this guy off of eBay is super fast (and cheap!!).


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Looks awesome Beckie!! (by the way how big is the window cling you got?) :)

Thanks Steph...I forgot the both of us have Expeditions. :) It is actual vinyl that you apply to the outside of the window and it is approx. 20 inches wide.

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can you use your wiper? it looks great!

Yep...sure can! If you've never had a vinyl banner applied to your window before, I would describe it as being like a pin-stripe on the side of the car...very thin vinyl that you can barely feel when you rub your hand across it. Most vinyls like this last 5 or 6 years before having to be replaced.

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LOVE IT! I was looking into making my own by a big magnet from Staples, but am afraid people will be rude & steal them off....You think it will be a problem with the one you got?



No one can take this off...it is permanent vinyl letters that you rub onto the outside of the window. :)

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