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Okay, it's hard to post stuff here when you don't do cold pour soaps, wish I had the nerve to try but right now I'm strictly melt and pour..just thought I would post a couple of my new molds...I just received a couple molds in today's mail that I can't wait to try...one is a pocketwatch with pearls and flowers and even a little winding knob and loop for chain...I've had too much iced cappucinos today to try that so here are some of my newer soaps that I'm pretty please with..be kind..I'm sure to cold process people this is kinda mickey mouse but I'm terrified of trying cold pours..hope you like these

guest medallions


scrolled heart with roses


victorian fans


spritz cookies


trinket box


puffy heart trinket box


new basketweave heart..I had to change out the rose and leaves on this mold because the moldmaker poured the well too shallow..this is what I came up with


thanks for looking and all critiques appreciated

ann marie

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Ann Marie,

Those are beautiful!! Love the molds. M&P is so pretty. I rarely do it and they certainly aren't as nice as yours. Are the molds silicone? I always think the soap would break coming out of the intricate silicone molds??? Saw that fan somewhere just the other day(have been looking at too many molds). I was thinking the mold maker was going to offer it in a trinket box form. It would be so cute if it opened up.


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ann you shouldnt feel that way your soaps are beautiful. Im new to making soaps and I post mine believe me mine are not pretty, the pros would call them bad batches if they made them but everyone is so kind. And I proud of my ugly soaps,lol Yours are the prettiest soaps I have ever seen! Be proud :yay:

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I love looking at your soaps. They are very unique and delicate. I would almost hate to use them, because they are so pretty.

As far as CP goes, I think most people are nervous at first, but you have to jump in and do it. Study, get yourself a good recipe, take safety precautions when working with lye and you'll be fine.

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