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Craft Show Transporation Question

Funky Monkey

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I go to 'several' Craft Shows a yr. & you should buy yourself some plastic containers with lids, works great! And usually your not traveling to far anyways, so they should be fine if you choose to mix them. I've never had a problem.

Good Luck!:)


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I have those plastic bins to transport my tealights, votives and it's one of the best purchases I've ever made!! Like Carlena said, they're really not together long enough for the scents to mingle so you should be fine. They have the bins are Target and you can get them for about $10 or less in different sizes.

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Smae here, I haven't found that it's really a problem. I used to keep them all in separate boxes, but it took a ton of time to get them out and on the table.

When I started weekly market, I bought a few of those large grey plastic dishwashers tubs. I load those up two deep with soaps the night before - they hold a hundred soaps each or thereabouts. They fit on the front seat and I can stack 3 of them there.

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