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Ok - About to give up...

Funky Monkey

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I cannot.. for the life of me.. find lye locally. I've tried Wal-mart, aren't they supposed to carry EVERYTHING? They said they haven't carried it in years. I also cannot find citrus acid. I'm wondering if this is something I shouldn't be doing since I can't find the materials. I live in Northern Kentucky - anybody got any ideas? Going to try Meijer (grocery store) and Hobby Lobby tomorrow.

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We dont have Do It Best stores here.. but I think Ace Hardware just MIGHT carry it. I'm going to call in the morning. Thanks for the reply.

I also looked in the classifieds, but there haven't been any post in the last 30 days?

I say I'm going to give up, but that's just frustration talking. I'm really excited about this soaping and can't wait to get the kids in school (next week) so that I can cover my tables with materials during the day. I'm afraid to get to much out while they are home (8,6 and 4 in age.)

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I will check out the local (30 mins north) home improvement stores for the supplies.



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Try to find a chemical supply house near you. I get mine at a chemical supply house my citric as well. You have to buy 50 lbs. but its about .79 cents a lb. and no shipping so even if you had to split it with someone it is so much cheaper. It is called caustic soda. There should be someone in your area that can help you find a chemical supply house near you.

Janis Rogers


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