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Cinnamon Muffin Tarts


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I'm going to sell these as tarts w/ directions to just break off what you want to use OR for decoration. These are so fun to make (addicting). My son's friend came over yesterday and as he was passing through the Kitchen almost grabbed some "raisins" (later he found out they were wax and so glad he decided he should take w/out asking :P )





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Me too!

I'm a little confused about which ones are for the warmer. You have the ones in the tin & then some really small ones. Either way you go, they ALL look great! :cheesy2:

The ones in the pie tins are for warmers (1 would be the perfect size). They weren't displayed pretty at all, they were literally in a plastic storage box when I took the picture. I was fooling around w/ how to package them yesterday. Those tiny pie plates I have 100 of and trying to figure out what to do w/ them as they don't hold much. I think the tiny buns I'll throw in w/ potpourri (rose hips and cinnamon sticks).

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