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Could someone please help me with coloring??

Devil Woman

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I stumbled onto this board the other night and have been reading and looking at all the beautiful soaps you all make. I have not been doing soap for very long, maybe three or four months now. I started with CP soap and have now made three batches of HP soap. I like both methods and at some point will be adding both types of soap to my web site and after looking at all of Brenda's pictures I want to try making whipped soap the way she does! They are so beautiful and creamy looking. I also like the whipped butter stuff that looks like a DO dish of ice cream. I have searched that out also and will be trying that too, I just don't know when I will be able to sleep...LOL! It is a lot of fun but very addicting. I have been doing candles for approximately 9 years and embeds for about 3 years. Some of you may know me has WaxCocoon. Now that I have board you all to death the question I need to ask is: I want to know what is the amount of TD do you add to a 48 to 55 ounce batch of soap? I have tried to swirling and they are not coming out to bad I just need to go further into the mold when swirling. Another question I have is what do you all use for color: liquid, solid, natural, what! There are so many choices out there! Where do you get all of the beautiful colored mica's, the only color I have is a irridescent whitish color, I had no idea you could get mica in so many colors....well I have bothered all of you long enough. I can't wait to get some advise from all you expert soapers and please be patient with me I know I will be asking more questions.



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Pigments work very nicely in both CP & HP. You can get a very nice variety pack of them from www.cosmeticformulator.com. I also use a lot of food colors. Some work and some don't in CP. Greens turn red in CP, Yellow works fine, Blue will turn pink to purple (depending on how much you use), Red will work (but make sure its Red 40-avoid red 3, it fades terribly).

But in general, the pigments work much more dependably than the food colors for CP.

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