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Darn E-Z Up Canopy


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Don't know why these things are called E-Z cause they sure aren't. I have an E-Z Up knock off and used it for the 1st time today at the FM. Took myself and 2 other vendors a 1/2 hr to set it up. Then taking it down was a nightmare. Have no idea how it is suppose to fold up cause there is no way it is going to fit back in it's box. Of course there were no instructions in the box. And DH is worthless. He hates anything to do with my making candles.

Started off with showers but at least it wasn't hot as blazes. Anyway as promised here is a picture of my little FM set up. There is just a half doz. of us in a parking lot.


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I have a similar model so maybe I can help.

To put up the tent.

Stretch and position about where the poles will go - this is easier if you and someone are on opposite corners.

Lift the poles and lock into the first position.

Unfold the top and on either side of the frame - walk the top across - billow air under it to lift it to the center top.

Go underneath and attach all the velcro fasteners.

When top is fastened then lift poles to final position.

Take down - just work in reverse. Just remember that when you are collasping the frame it works better if you and someone else are on opposite corners. We can get ours up or down in about 5 minutes.


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We've got a real one now too. Ours lasted about oh four shows lol. Once you get the gist of it though, it gets easy to put up. We're looking forward to trying out our new EZUp since the storm at our last show pretty much killed the imposter lol.

Scented hit it right on the nose. Between holding up the roof of the tent and running around in circles to make sure that the roof didn't collapse. The real McCoy is about to make it's debut this week end. Woo Hoo.

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Sure sounds like my effort to save a buck is going to end up costing more in the long run. Another lesson learned the hard way. Good luck with the real McCoy Scented and Rockin.

Glad I tried it out at the FM. Plan on using it for my 1st fall show and we only have 2 hrs for set up. I have been using 2 big beach umbrellas taped to the table legs just to have shade on my votives and seashells.

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