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I tried a marble candle last night, it had blue streaks in it and FO was Sea Breeze, when it got cool I put it in the freezer cuz it wouldn't come out of the mold good, was gonna leave it for about 15 minutes as usual, well to make a long story short, sat down in the recliner woke up about an hour later took the candle out, had almost perfect marbling but the dang thing was cracked,then broke into 3 pieces. Wouldn't you know it, made something good and then screwed it up by being lazy:rolleyes2 Guess it will turn into a chunky after I remelt.:)

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Oh no! Nothing is worse than making a beautiful candle and then killing it getting it out of the mold. I used to break votives all the time because I'd put them in the freezer and forget about them :).

But hey, if you did it once you can do it again! I never could get a proper marble and gave up. Now I just make two different colored batches of wax and pour them both into the mold at the same time to get my 'marble'. That's the best I can do - I'm marble impaired.


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Aw, that sucks. I can't even count how many times I've done that though :grin2: I'm learning to set the oven timer (or stick it just in the fridge if I think I may get sidetracked) and don't crack quite as many now ;)

I'd put it in the fridge, but there isn't any room in there, since my daughter and sil moved in with us, she's always cooking up some goodies and my fridge is crammed pack. It's a wonder I haven't gained back the 45 pounds that I've lost since last August. Guess I'll have to use the timer trick. That is if I don't fall asleep again in the recliner and don't hear it.........:rolleyes2

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