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Herbal Infusion:: Questions??


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I have been researching this process, and found some good info on www.about.com. But it doesn't really go into depth about the shelf life of an infusion. I would like to know if it depends on the actual herb used, the oil or both? Can you infuse herbs, and leave the mixture on the shelf until needed? Do they turn colors, or go moldy? Can you leave the herbs in the oil indefinitely, or do they need to be strained out for maximum shelf life? Also, if used in CP, would the herbs turn completely brown?

Yes, I ask many questions... LOL!!

I am going to check around for a book, and browse the soaping forums.

TIA> :smiley2:

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I have no idea how to infuse herbs successfully, but I can tell you what NOT to do. One time I put a couple fresh sprigs of rosemary in a bottle of olive oil to use for cooking, and after a few days, it had that gross white fuzzy mold all over it.

I also have a lavender plant that didn't get "accidentally" run over with the lawn mower this year and I'm wondering what to do with it also.

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