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** What's in your pot for the week/end? **

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Market as usual for me Saturday, I missed not going last week. I've got a new awning for my tent, to give me a bit more shade in the morning - my booth faces East. And I'll get some practice putting it on - cuz next weekend is a 2 day fair on the Rogue River and my booth faces south :(

So this weekend doesn't have anything new, just labeling. Redo my sign - stain the wood, change it over to my simpler logo.

What's up with you? Hope the heat that finally left us and headed east doesn't get you *too* down...

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Hey Robin, we missed this thread last week, at least I did.

The weather finally broke yesterday afternoon so I'm back to pouring candles and clammies. I have a three day show this month. I wasn't able to pour for nearly two weeks due to the heat but now it's over so back to work. Hoping Peaks~ Creme Brulee makes it here soon. I need to get that scent tested!

After wicking jars:

Chocolate Brownie



White Tea & Ginger



Orange Cinnamon


Cinnamon Carmel Cappucinnio

Amish Harvest

Creme Brulee

Matching Clammies to be poured too.

This should keep me out of trouble for a while.



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My list is a little bit longer than usual.

I need to get my cousin's wholesale order finished up. With the heat she told me to take my time and wait until it was cooler to ship.

Tomorrow I am meeting with a wholesale account. But after that I need to make soap and lots of it. These are the scents I will be making


Tommy type

Basil Sage mint

Cranberry Sangria

Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Green tea and ginger.

I am getting these stocked up for some upcoming shows..

I am going to make some test batches of the following

White tea & ginger

strawberry and cream

I need to test a new jar and some new scents. I want to pour acouple palm pillars in some different scents that I haven't tested.

And well anything else that I can think of.

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Pillars, pillars and more pillars ... probably pouring and testing the new apothecary jars I got in this week - 4oz, 10oz and 16oz. Decided to totally change my style of containers!

Preparing for a drop-in candle party Sept. 9th - so all weekends will be 'candle-making' filled!

Hope everyone has a great and productive weekend.

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WEll I'm kind of wondering how in the world we're going to be doing a four-day show this week. I have some of the stock and can't hook up to get it to the sales end lol. What a freaking crazy two weeks.


In the pot is some cinnamon forest that really needs a boost

with twigs & berries next and whatever else I can get to on my list of 30. Simply got to get that number down.


Yeah I'm going to do it. Hope I remember. VS Pure Seduction first up, grapefruit jasmine behind it and Cool Water, GIT or Drakkar to follow. Maybe all three IF I get in a groove. Since this is my first (and only) non-working (real job) weekend, I'd better get a lot done. The real show season starts Sept. 2 or 3 with maybe one weekend off between then and Thanksgiving.

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Glad some of you have relief from the heat. Here on the SC coast, it is still suffocating! Heat index has been 115 for days.

I will be working on 3 sets of bath products for 3 little girls--fbb, body lotion, body spray, etc. Using the grapefruit citrus I got from Chemistry Store. I'm going to change the name to Tutti Frutti and personalize the labels for the girls such as Princess Lexi, Princess Julia, etc.

I hope to also have time to pour a couple of candles, etc. There is a state ABATE party coming up towards the end of Sept that I've been asked to participate in. All us biker chicks like candles and a man who smells good!

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Making up some stuff for our Guests..we will have this Thursday..a guy that plays in another band is filling in hubby's band and they are driving from Indiana PA to WV and staying all night sooo..I would like to make them up some soap to use and such while they are here. ..plus they can take it home..

also want to make some new melts ..gonna try these little portion cup things..I have been using for b&b samples and scent samples.

updating labels and making new ones...

getting my kids b-day presents for next week..she will be 5..plus school shopping UGH..

Hubby is on call ..so not much on my FUN plate this weekend.:undecided

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For the first time in several weeks I'm going to heat up the melt pot and pour a couple of candles just for me. Things have been so busy lately that I've not had time to make candles or B&B. My soap pot is calling my name too but don't know if I'll have the time. I'm really missing this biz. :cry2:

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Yesterday I got my sample wax from Green Leaf, poured it immediatley. SO I'm just going to test one of the 4oz I used the wax in and let the other ones cure for awhile. So far so good. I have to finish orders, so lots of tarts are going to made this weekend.

Mindy :)

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