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M&P in CP


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Ok so I made some cp yesterday and put some m&p chunks in it... it is sitting on my table curing... in the basement where it is nice and cool and not humid... and the M&P parts are 'sweating' ....grrrr... will this dry? stop? or is it ruined?

anyone have this happen before?

TIA for any help

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Who knows w/ M&P ????? :rolleyes2

We (M&P/me) have a love/hate relationship:D That's what finally drove me to get over being afraid of making CP soap. I've only made a few batches w/ M&P on top (not in) CP, and only one surprisingly sweat. The sweat went away as it was curing. You can try spritzing w/ r. alcohol alittle, putting it infront of a fan, or wipe it off. Personally I'd wait and see what happens if its not effecting the CP.

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