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What happened? Whats wrong?


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Those little swirls are not supposed to be like that I dont think.They are a different consistency from the rest if the soap kind of like grease or oil that dried or something. It looks so weird and not right.

Castor oil 2 ounces

Cocoa butter 4 ounces

Coconut Oil 4 ounces

Olive oil 12 ounces

Palm oil 10 ounces

lye 4.3 ounces

water 12 ounces

That is the recipe I used.

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Ahhh, must be my tired eyes. Looked fine in the pic...

As for the recipe, hopefully a more experience soaper will pop in. I'm still rather new, but the numbers don't look bad in Soap Calc. The only thing I can guess at is that possibly the quantity of Coconut and Palm can be drying to some people....

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Actually I've found if your soap is drying right away, it will probably still be drying after it cures. I personally don't use any coconut oil and use palm kernel and try to keep it around 15 - 20% because of that. Your recipe has 43.75% coconut oil and palm, which is very high and very drying to some people. Try this variation, it brings your coconut oil and palm down to 26.6% and should help boost the moisturizing and still give you a good hard bar. Add 3 TBS of sugar melted in some of the water to your lye water and it will help boost your lather, for a great bar of soap.

Castor - 2 oz

Cocoa Butter - 3 oz.

Coconut Oil - 4oz

Olive Oil - 17oz

Palm - 4oz

Lye - 4.06 oz

Water - 9.95 oz

You can also shred up your batch of soap and add about 5 or 6 oz. of it to something like this recipe along with the sugar and it should also be a nice bar without losing your moisturizing and lather.

Castor - 2 oz.

Cocoa Butter - 2 oz.

coconut Oil 4 oz.

Olive Oil - 18 oz.

Lye - 3.52 oz

Water - 8.63 oz

Just a thought........HTH!!

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