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Some New soaps


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Ok so I have had an emotional few days as some of you know... but I still managed to make me some more soap lol...

From top left:

Green Tea

An older soap packaged. (I should have got a closer pic of this)

Ocean - By my brothers request

Pineapple Coconut - with shreaded coconut Maryann!

the bottom half bar is a test I did with hunny and pureed blueberries.

No layered bar yet Brenda... sadly I just couldnt work up the nerve lol... Maybe next week!

Thanks for looking!! * click on the picture to make it bigger!!


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dey look mahvolous darling.... :D I really like the green one - the crinkle cutter really makes it look even more wonderful! (I'm gonna have to lay my hands on one of those cutters!! ;) ) I'm in love with the blue and white one too - it looks like clouds refected off of water... the pineapple one is cute too - and it does look like those candies my grandma always had around her house - I bet it smells as sweet!! You are braver than me to put blueberries in soap! I've got some wine in my freezer just itchin' to be soap but that's as close to berries to as I've gotten - it looks yummy!! Great Job, girl! Isn't soaping kind of therapudic?? I need some "therapy" too... I best get off my butt and make some, eh?? lol

Wonderful soaps, hun! Keep up the fab job!!

Life & Light!


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