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New Mold and Blackberry Sage


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Not sure how good this pic will show on here - took it in kindof bad light since it's late, but let's give it a try :) If it's not good I'll retake it in better light tomorrow - dig this mold - so far liking the fo

Thanks for looking :)

eta I'm not pleased w/this pic so I will post a different one tomorrow - :) this pic makes it look like the purple is bleeding into the green, but it's actually from where I heat gunned it at the end and the purple wax ran down a little bit - gotta clean it up. Not sure in the light of day if I like it or hate it lol

The second (darker) pic is more true to the actual colors - the first pic has the bright flash on it.



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Great looking candle, I have always loved the loaf molds. I have put a few in the store where I sell a few of my items, but they have just never been big sellers, guess people here don't appreciate or enjoy burning the way I do.:confused:

Keep up the great work!

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