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I need advice


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I read this forum almost daily...OK everyday. I don't think I have posted very much. However, I really need some advice.

Today I was visiting my current stores.

First, one store's display, which I had provided for MY candles, was being used for someone else's bath bombs. This display is MINE purchased by me.

At one time this year, she was thinking about discontinuing my candles. I told her to clearance out her candles, and I would pick up the display. I never heard more from her. We have been doing business for over a year.

In their defense, they are running low on my product and haven't made their Holiday order yet, so merchandising does look better - for her.

What would be the best, most professional way to handle this?

Second, another store had some candles from another company on the same shelf as mine. This was a violation of our contract. If they are to carry other candles, my candles are to be placed on a separate shelf.

Should I send a friendly reminder about our merchandising?

Anyway, thanks for any business advice you all can give.

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I totally sympathize w/ your feelings. If I had bought a display for a store & somebody else's stuff was on it, I think my toes would be quite bruised.

I would think a gentle reminder of the mdsing agreement is a great idea. Maybe you could hurry up & get some of your holiday candles on the shelves so the other person's stuff can go elsewhere? Do have any kind of stock you could put out to plug the holes if it's going to be a little while longer before you can get your holiday candles out?

If they're thinking about discontinuing your candles, could this be an indirect ploy to get you to leave w/o them having to say anything?

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Since they are not consignment, they have to place the order.

I already have my Fall/Winter line readay, and they will be placing an order the 2nd or 3rd week of September.

I would say yes to getting me to leave, BUT they haven't clearanced out my candles AND they are preparing a Fall order. After doing a mailer, several customers have called and ordered with them.

I think my display works better for her, in the smaller space.

I think I am just going to have to grow some "you know whats" and confront her with it. *sigh*

Thanks for your input.

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