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Hemp Patch Soap


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These are my, as yet, un-named hemp patch soaps, made with organic hemp oil and dried patch leaves, ground and added for visual appeal. I love the pale green from the hemp oil, Anyone know if this color will stick? It's my first batch and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. As I posted in the soapmaking forum, any suggestions on a name will be appreciated. I'm drawing a blank. :rolleyes2



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Thanks for the compliments, everyone. The green from the hemp oil is still holding nicely. I can't wait to see in a week or so, if it sticks. Will post if there's any significant change.

SoapInThe City: I have 4 beautiful patch plants so I harvest and dry my own leaves. The soap is still a bit soft in the pics because I'd just cut it, but it's hardening up nicely.

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