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hand mixer broke!!!


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CP? My answers below are for CP... Probably hold for HP too, but won't swear to it.

I usually use a stick blender, not a mixer. The mixers whip too much air in for me.

You can always use a whisk (carefully, not to

whip in air) or even a spoon. But these can take a lot longer.

Some recipes it doesn't matter with, since they trace quickly. In fact, most of my first batches I did with just the whisk cause they traced really fast with the SB.

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I've used a hand mixer from the very start. I don't have any issues with my soap and air. I've done cp,cphp and liquid soap.It is my understanding that as long as you keep the beaters submerged there should be no problem with air. As far as that goes I have made small batches and the beaters were not fully submerged and I still don't have any problems. One thing I've learned about soaping is it's really just like cooking anything from scratch. If you are doing a small batch simply tilt your bowl to cover the beaters if you are still concerned about air....but I really doubt there will be any problems. HTH

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