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SFIC Bath and Shower Gel Base....

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Has anyone used this? If so, I could use some help!

I just purchased this from the last co-op and the jug that it came in has no ingredients listed, and I can't for the life of me find directions. I have searched everywhere I can think for 2 days looking for any info at all. No luck, not even on SFIC's website.

I did finally find the ingredients, but I still have NO idea about how much FO to use and whether or not it needs to be heated up, etc.

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?



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You don't normally heat up bath/shower gel bases, just an FYI. ;)

My base supplier is awesome about having their instructions/ingredients listed on their bases, even going so far as to explain what each ingredient that's in it is used for, it's soooo nice. :)

My shower gel says to use approx. 1% fo/eo to 128oz. of base, or approx. 28drops of fo/eo per 8oz. of base. But it's really all trial and error as some fragrances are a lot stronger than others, so of course you would use less of those etc. I always use half the amount recommended and then work my way up.

I always mix by hand, otherwise I get waaaaay too many air bubbles-I still get air bubbles when hand mixing, but not near as many, and it really doesn't take that long.

I always let my base sit overnight before pouring so that it settles, otherwise after you fill the bottles, you have to go back and top them off. ;)

Also, some liquid colorants contain sodium, which will cause the base to thin out, so I've started using powder colorants for mine, and OMG what a difference it makes. :)

Hope this little bit of info. helps.

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