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Candy Apple


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I dunno 'bout that. There's only one color (or a narrow color range) that pops into mind when thinking about "candy apple" red. Seems to me that this might be a tradition hard to buck. Oh, don't get me wrong, you can do anything you want, of course, but if you color it something other than what will pop up in most ppl's minds, most ppl will come to think you're crazy. :shocked2: lol.

You could marble them, layer them, &/or mottle them. You could also cold pour (rustics) them, or any combo of those affects. You could also do a red outer layer w/ a white inner core (or is that too obvious? ;))

Look forwarding to seeing what you come with. Good luck & have some fun experimenting! :cheesy2:

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If it were me, I'd pour red colored wax into the mold. Let it set up for 15 minutes, or something like that, to allow the outer shell part to form, then pour it out. The top part might form a 'skin' of cooled wax. You just use a knife to cut it. Let it set up some more, then add the white or non-colored wax to form the core. You'd probably want to pour that 2nd wax when the red was still a little pliable to the touch to help the 2nd wax adhere, and proably 10 degrees hotter than the 1st wax.

I admit I have yet to attempt this, but from what I know so far about candle-making, it seems logical. It's a blend of making 'cane shells & pouring for layers. I think it's Garf whose made a few of these. Maybe he'll chime in.

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LMAO.............would love to see candy apple in jet black. I am sure it would sell like hotcakes.

There are just some things that should not be changed. Just like that bazooka bubble gum, LOL

I agree I would never change candy apple to any other color!

I think Top was being funny ....

Hey, Top lol!!!1

I aslo agree with trying the core candle thing!

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