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Cranberry Cobbler ~ YUM! YUM! YUM!....


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... what a GREAT scent, I hope it holds up as it smells wonderful (NG's)

I was VERY disappointed w/ the coloring. I swear if I ever even come close to the right shade of red I will be one happy camper. I have invested so much $$ in differ supplier's colorants :cry2:. Right after this batch I went online and bought Select Shades sampler pack from Tradewinds. I am bound to make RED/the right shade of red yet !


I did this one the following day (yesterday), and decided to make it look like its name. I think I put too much cranberry fibers in the bar :sad2: hope its not too scratchy. Thanks for looking :smiley2:




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I like the taupe coloring of your first bar a lot! It may not be what you intended, but it's very nice. :)

The second one has nice swirlies on the sides and sure does looked like baked goods! Very creative! (I wouldn't worry too much about the cranberry fibers being too scratchy if they're like the ones I have.) Looks very good.:yes: Red is a bear to get! Good luck in your quest for it.

I've not had the pleasure of smelling that scent, but I bet it's great!

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They do look good enough to eat. What'd you want, a bright red? Reddish orange? Curious.

I wanted the first one to be a little darker than the 2nd one turned out (the same color as the cranberry seeds ~ I'm psycho about matching). When I ranted before it was really about all the other times I've tried to get differ shades of red whether a bright red or a maroon. I just ordered Peak's Peppermint (Purely Peppermint ~I think that's the name?) as someone said it stayed white (didn't discolor), now for that shade of red! :cool2: I decided to work on it now and conquer before Christmas time :grin2:.

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Yummmm I wanna eat that second batch!! :D What is that on top, looks like powdered sugar??

Its ground oatmeal, brown sugar, and dried cranberries. I first started w/ tiny bits of brown unscented M&P and as I was chpping it up I thought this looks nothing like the crumbles on top of desserts, what else can I use. I have used oatmeal and brown sugar back in March on a castile batch that's done curing and its fine, no nasties or bugs. They are in the back of my "soap drying closet" so I kinda forgot about them till yesterday when I was making room for my new batches. I put this batch in the oven and the M&P melted helping to "glue" the oatmeal mixture to the batch.

I couldn't resist trying.... so I used a sample of the 2nd batch pictured and the ingredients washed nicely away.

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