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are these good molds?


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Here is a lovely mold from Ebay. :)

Kim has one of these and absolutely loves it. You can use it as a log or a slab mold and it comes with a stainless steel cutter and the lines are already cut out for you so your soap comes out uniform. I bought a bunch of molds already and this one is calling me too.... LMAO!! Its only 29.50!

Made of solid oak and each side holds 3 lbs of soap.

They have other sizes as well.

I will post the pic and this is the seller:



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CindyM~~What did you hate about it?

ignitethesenses~~Does your mold have a lid? I found the easiest way to line my mold is to set the lid on a large piece of freezer paper, shiny side down. Then draw around the lid. I then slide the lid over and extend the lines for all for sides. Then cut out the corners. Turn the paper over to the shiny side up and fold the flaps in. Put the paper in your mold and it should fit perfectly. Tape the flaps to the outside. It takes about 2 minutes for me to line my mold this way.

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hmmm, the makers of the wooden molds on ebay (soapmoldmakers) don't seem to have that great of feedback...I wouldn't feel comfortable ordering from them.

Where can I look at Southern Bell Molds?

I was a little leary of that too. There are 2 different sellers selling that type of mold. I got mine within 2 weeks. I am a wooden mold gal. I have a southern belle mold too. But I have to say I really love the mold that Mystical put the pic up of. I have never had my bars so uniform in size!!!!!

If you have messing with freezer paper like I do....make a liner out of mylar. For my small molds I just use Transparencies and bend them to fit the mold. Then after you unmold the soap just wash it off and you are ready for another batch!

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Well, I couldn't resist and had to buy one. I am still looking for that mold that I absolutley love. Maybe this one will be it??? Thanks for passing that info on Mystical. :grin2:

Your welcome Meridith. :grin2:

I have been resisting that mold like the bubonic plague. I just can't seem to stop looking at it... LOL! Please share your results when you get it.

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