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Candlewic samples (Now a question on J and CBL waxes)

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Hi Henry,

Last winter they sent me 3 1 lb. samples of 3 different waxes of my choice. I think they were their blends (CB , etc.) and the palms.

Not sure if they do it on the J waxes.

I am not finding a link for samples. If I remember correctly, I just sent them an email with addy info and sample request. Try that or give em a call.


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I asked them right after I placed my order and gave my ref number. So, we'll see, I hope so because I bought the equivalent of at least a case of wax (bought slabs of a few kinds) and a couple other items - and I just didn't want to buy slabs of the other couple as I was going broke! I knew they did it for wicks, wasn't sure of the wax - and it was after business hours so I just ordered and will hope for the best.


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When I was first starting out I sent them an e-mail to see if they would send me some samples... Bill was awesome, they sent a couple of different ones- their CBL-141 and CBL-129. If you've ordered, I'm sure they would be greatly inclined to send samples!

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Very happy! They sent samples of CBL-125, CBL-129 (I didn't want the 130), and also J50, and J223. I think I bought a slab of every pillar wax they have as I want to work on mottles - plus I don't know the FIRST thing about paraffin container candles so that should be an experience.

I imagine there is tons of info on J50 and J223 so I can search for that. I see IGI is calling them 4636A and 4633A. If I wind up liking one or both is the IGI wax the same?

Anyone use the CBL container blends though?

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I used my sample of CBL-129 w/ Peaks Pink Sugar (1 oz pp) and let me tell you this thing THROWS!!!! It shrunk quite a bit, but no wet spots or anything. there was a thread not too long ago about the CBL-129... I'll see if I can find the link for you.

I've also got some J223 that i got off the classys here... i've only mixed it w/ soy, not tried it on its own yet. it seems like a great wax to mix w/ soy so far.

Don't know if any of that helps, but i do try!

Edited to add: Here's some links to previous threads:



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Thank you very much Rachel!

In going to the posts I realized I did read them before - I am only concerned about the 129 pulling away from the sides - I used to use a soy wax that did that and I didn't like the way the melt pool clung to the sides when cooled - but the rest of the candle pulled away. Maybe paraffin doesn't look as bad when it does that? I wouldn't know. (Actually, this is why I didn't get the 130).

Guess I'll just have to try it - sounds good on paper!

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