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Is Peak discontinuing some FOs?

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I was just checking their website to see if they had restocked Creme Brulee and a few others because I need to place an order with them soon. Then, I noticed that it's gone from their list of Fos. Vanilla Hazelnut is gone also.

:o The Creme Brulee is a favorite of mine! I hope it stays!! Has anyone else noticed this or heard anything about it?

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Thanks Cindy, I emailed them also and am waiting for a response. I thought I may have missed an announcement about this or something is why I posted. I've been checking their website everyday hoping to see it had come in so I could order.

Thank you for the replies! I hope they just took them down for the weekend, or until they can get them again. OMG, some of their FO's would be hard to replace!

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They used to remove FOs and other stuff from their website that was out of stock. Looks lilke they've gone back to doing that.

I WISH they would quit doing that. It always causes mass chaos. I freak out if I don't see it lol.

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