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c-3 wick testing/suggestion

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hello everyone,

I have been making candles about 8 years now, although soy has been big for the last 3 years I have never jumped on the band wagon until now. I have always been a j50 girl. Over the years I gathered quite a collection of sample wicks. I am now in the testing stages of c-3 and wondering if anyone else has their results in some wick testing. I use mainly the apothecary jars from tvg and 8oz tapered mason. If anyone can post their results. I have always double wicked with j-50(because of the soot issue if I didn't) and was trying to go to one wick with this wax. I have noticed with some testing that the ones that are able to achieve a full melt pool and burn hot enough are getting the big mushroom on top. Here are the ones I have tried so far.

2 rrd 47(wasn't sure where to start with these ,never used them, but too hot)

HTP 1212- nice melt pool but sent off black smoke like a train and big mushroom

60048 hemp- seems to be doing the best so far, still a mushroom though

62 cotton- good melt pool, also big mushroom

60 paper- not getting a full melt pool, not a noticably bad mushroom, just a small buildup

Haven't really started testing the jelly jars yet. Tried to test these as a normal joe would burn,(you know the way we burned candles before we new the important things) some days left burn 4 hours, some 6, some I would light and blow out in about 2 hours.

I will test the fininished results when candles are about consumed.

If anyone has any results they would like to share, I probably have the wick to try it :D

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What size apothecary jars are you using? You could try an HTP126 in place of the 1212. It doesn't burn quite as hot but still gives a similar MP, seems to mushroom a little less. The LX series works pretty well in C3. Sometimes it takes more than one burn to achieve full MP.

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