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Whipped Shaving Soap (sorry it took so long)


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Whipped Shaving Soap

400 gram batch.

Part A

80% Cream Soap Base 320 grams

Part B

6% Apricot Kernel Oil 24 grams

5% Rice Bran Oil 20 grams

3% Holly Oil 12 grams

2% Dimethicone 350 c.s. 8 grams

1% Allantoin 4 grams

Part C

1% Cromoist Oat Protein 4 Grams

1% Panthenol Vitamin B5 4 grams

1% Germaben II Preservative 4 grams

Essential Oil to scent


1. Measure out Part A into a large measuring cup or bowl

2. In a separate measuring cup combine all of Part B and gently stir to mix and fully combine all ingredients.

3. Add Part B to Part A and whip vigorously.

4. Add Part C plus any Essential oil to scent.

5. Whisk to combine all ingredients and then continue to whisk until smooth and fluffy.

6. Spoon into cosmetic jars.

*** The cream soap base i use comes from my supplier www.voyageursoapandcandle.com but i am sure you can find a cream soap base from a supplier of your choice.***

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