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Sometimes I just LOVE my DH more than ever......


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No this is NOT off topic ;)

Tonight I was telling him all about the oatmeal soap I made today, and he said, "Can you put pumice in that soap?" I told him I could (I think?) and he said, "Well, get some and make me some soap with it!". :)

Then he was putting some campho pheniqe (sp?) on his lip (cold sore) and then sniffing his hands b/c he really loves the menthol/campho smell, and I told him I could make him a "cold" candle that had those same smells etc. and he said, "Well get busy, make me one right now!"

I told him I would but I need to buy the essential oils and stuff, and he said, "NO BUTS, get to it then!"

:D See what I mean? When he tells me to spend more money, I just love him a little bit more. LOL

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