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Need help with international shipping


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Hi all,

I've got some tins waiting for me with the co-op that's been running.

Idacandlelady has never shipped internationally & neither have I so we could both use some help here.

I've looked at both the UPS & USPS sites but I'm still confused as to which is the best way to go.

I need to get the tins posted as cheaply as possible especially as I might be stung by UK customs when they arrive :( & I'd like to be able to track the parcel too.

If anyone can help we'd both be really greatful.


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I have shipped international a few times..what I do it I box it all up...I take it to the post office and have them tell me the cheapest right way to do it. Some options are not available online.

So I just took it to town with me one day....had them tell me how much ..then I PMed the lady that was the buyer...and told her how much....and she paid me then the next time I went to town I mailed it off.

It was just the only way I knew I could not mess up shipping internationally

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I ship internationally all the time. USPS would be the best route to go. She just needs to package it up and weigh it. Then go to the USPS site and get the shipping options to your location. Once you choose the shipping method, she will have to take it to the PO and fill out a customs form. Make sure she marks that it is a gift on the form, to deter fees on your end. If the package is under 4 pounds, you can do Letter Post (cheapest route), if it's more than that...then you can do airmail parcel post (next cheapest route). PM me, if you have any questions...I'd be glad to help. :)

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