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Martini Candle Help!

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I'm new so this might be the first in a series of questions :tongue2:

I bought a container making kit from CandleWic just to "test the waters" & see if I wanted to continue. I had fun and now I'm wanting to make some more containers. I saw some martini candles *haha* and I need help picking a wick, etc.

I have some leftovers of CBL-125 from CandleWic but the martini glass is 4"+ so which wick do I use? CandleWic says that for a 4"+ container a cotton core wick would be good but since a martini glass tapers at the bottom would that type of wick be too much when it keeps burning down?

I'm also planning on making little candles out of those tiny 1.5 inch jars that jellies come in so would a zinc wick be good for those?

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I have some martini glasses also. I originally bought them for gel to make the apple martini fo candles but alas the fo isn't gel safe grrrrrrrr so I want to make them with wax preferably the 70/30 blend. Any help. Thanks for asking this question.:D

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