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Cheapest place for J50?

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First of all it would depend on where you live - if you live close enough to pick up from a supplier or if you will need to have it shipped to you. Generally speaking the further it has to be shipped the more the shiiping costs will factor in to your overall cost of the wax.

Without knowing what general area you live in, it's very difficult for anyone to help with an answer to your question.

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not sure where you are in SC but in Charlotte there is Carolina Candle Supplies

I would personally choose Candlescience over Carolina. Candlescience is rarely out of stock of something and has better shipping prices, imho. Customer service is great too :)

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If I were living in *Southern Arkansas* - *where countrycandles lives*, I would consider canjuncandle, in La. or Alabaster, in Al. or one of the many suppliers in Texas.

Here is a list of suppliers by state: some suppliers are not on this list but many are:


PS. I like Candle Science, also, not only are they one of the closest to me (Columbia), they have: good prices - good products - great service and very fast affordable shipping. :smiley2:

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Make's Scents in Ohio has J50 cheaper than I have found anywhere. Plus, they have also added a new wax MSC123 which is a dupe of the original Astor J50 before the IGI buy out (per the lady I spoke with on the phone). She was very nice and Make's has great customer service.

BTW - they also have a J300 dupe called MSC300.


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