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What is the best way to increase MP of wax

Guest highflier

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Guest highflier

Guys and Gals I need some help with the best way to increase the melt point of my wax. The wax I'm using has a MP of 125 degrees. I would like to increase it to 130-135 degrees. What would be the best choice?

Polymere 165 (Vybar) or Microcrystalline Wax with a 170 degree MP.

I certainly don't want to mess up my cold and hot scent throws. Also when using these products will it increase my wet spots in my containers? And is there a certain percent I should try and use?

Sure need some help with this question.

BTW the new candle machine is really nice. I will try and post some pics soon. I poured about 25 candles all with different scents and colors in about 3 hours today. And most of that time came from trying to determine what dyes to use to make the right color. It is awesome!

Thanks again,


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Nobody is going to be able to tell you what the exact result of modifying your wax with additives is going to be. I'm sure you understand that you're going to have to fiddle with it.

Having said that, Vybar isn't what you need because it doesn't raise the melt point of wax. Microcrystalline wax would do what you want, and in certain circumstances can increase scent retention and container adhesion as well. Just bear in mind that you are using a preformulated wax that already has additives in it, so you are really going off into uncharted lands by adding things to it.

Melt point will go up for sure with the microcrystalline, but 5 to 10 degrees is a long way to go and you may have to experiment with significant percentages. You should also be aware that there are LOTS of different kinds of micro and their properties vary considerably. In your shoes I would try more than one.

The one you have will be worth a try. I have seen Mico B 845 recommended for containers. There is also one called Mico 835 that I plan to test in a container candle but I haven't done it yet. I was intrigued when I "slabbed" a pound of it into a Gladware container. Unlike the other microcrystallines in my collection that released upon cooling, this one adhered so tightly to the walls that I had to cut the container and peel it off.

Offhand the only other additive I can think of that's commonly used in containers and can raise the melt point is stearic acid.


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By the way, why do you need to raise the melt point?

I seem to recall you were planning to use J-223. However, if you need a wax with different properties it might better to scrap it and create (or select) a blend with the properties you need. Trying to modify a preformulated product that much doesn't make sense.

If you don't want to roll your own, IGI 4627 Comfort Blend is 131 MP.

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