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FAvorite Fall/Winter scents


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There are few posts on here about the ones that people sell the most of at the holidays but personally mine are

Spiced Sugar Plum

Christmas Tree(country pine)

and my own triple layer candle of Warm Sugar Cookies, Spiked Egg Nog and Gingerbread

for B&B stuff..in the winter I love Warm Vanilla Sugar

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spruce- peaks

nostalgia-just scents

cranberry sauce-just scents

jack frost -bcn

log cabin -bcn


autumn leaves-bnl


apples and oak-bcn

candy corn-alabaster

all hollows eve- cant remember if this is bnl or bcn

amish harvest-peaks

biscotti -wyw

woodland trails-alabaster

this is all I can think of tonight

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fall winter

millcreek-mcsoywax.com millcreek

harvest spice chestnuts & brown sugar

pumpkin spice christmas eve

grandma's kitchen christmas splendor

candy corn spicy gingerbread mixed 50/50 with

frosted carrot cake gourmet sugar cookies

apple jack n peel orange clove

caramel apple mistletoe

ics-candlesupplys.us balsam & spice

fall festival ics-candlesupplys.us

all hallow's eve sugared spruce-just adding

candied apple pomandor christmas wish-just adding

just adding. bear claws

solas candle-solascandle.com

autumn leaves-just adding

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Nature's Garden - Twigs-n-Berries

Nature's Garden - Cranberry Balsam (wish it were stronger though)

Nature's Garden - Apple Jack and Peel

SOS - MacIntosh Apple

Candlewic - New Mown Hay (discontinued)

Peak - Sugar Plum Berries

Peak - Cornucopia

Peak - Spruce Christmas Tree

Peak - Sugar Plum Berries

Peak - Amish Harvest

Peak - Warm Apple Pie

...just to name a few.

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