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What Peak's wax for electric candles

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I've decided to try my hand at electric candles again after a LONG break (the whole subject got to be too much).

So in getting back on the saddle again I've decided to use something other than veggie based waxes. I've never worked w/ paraffin and am not sure what to use for electric candles.

I'm hoping someone who makes electric candles successfully could tell we which Peak's wax to use?? I'm placing an order w/ them and liked to try their wax. I looked up in their hurricane directions and it calls for IGI 1554 wax, but I don't see this for sale. So I'm assuming this wax has been replaced w/ a newer wax.

Another silly ?? but can I use my presto pot to melt the wax ? Do you suggest I get a seperate pot or is this wax easy to clean out of pot when wanting to do container candles?

I appreciate any help :)

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The highest melt point I would think. Anything lower would misshapen more quickly. It looks like their 4625 is it is the highest MP of wax they've got, so I would be more tempted to combine some of their micro wax (think they still carry it) with say 1343, but I'd also be really inclined to talk to Alan on this one.

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