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Do boxes need to be polypro for candles?

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I am looking into using boxes instead of bakery bags for my tarts. I am wondering if I need a special kind of "candle box." Since the bakery bags and the individual bags are supposed to be polypro.... do I need to find a box that is lined with polypro also? Any ideas on a good and inexpensive place where I can find some boxes? I have been doing a lot of googling and my head is spinning! LOL :undecided

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I use the tealight tubes from Sunshine container and they are fine.

I also have some of their acetate votives boxes and tealight boxes.

I don't use them any more because after a week or so they give off a skunk-like odor when the candles are stored in them, and the votive boxes are too big for my votives.

I don't know what the tealight tubes are made of but I have no problem with them.


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