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Wick Dilemma...Need Your Advice....


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I have been testing Superior 600 wicks and LX wicks, double wicked, in the 10 oz apothecarys, using IGI1945/4630 wax.

My dilemma is....

I love the LX wicks, but the LX12's seem to burn too hot....the wax is totally melted when only half-way down the jar - and although the melt-pool temp is not high, the jar is "uncomfortable" to touch. I worry about someone picking it up, then reacting to the heat and "sloshing" it on themselves or someone around them.

The LX10's start off great, then sort of slow waaayyyy down, turn into tiny little flames, melt-pool is not ALWAYS to the edge. I have not finished this candle, so I am not sure if it will pick up again and take off or not. If it does, I still worry that if I decide to use these, some people may have trouble with them drowning out if they try to move them or trim too short. The plus side - NEVER had to trim the wicks!! My coworker said that would work for her!! LOL She never trims the wicks.

The Superior 600's HAVE to be trimmed less than 1/4" or they turn into little flame-throwers and spit puffs of soot....if trimmed to 1/8", burns like a dream without having an entire jar liquid.....

This is definitely a soft wax - tends to melt completely in the jar with any other wicks we have tried. I prefer it NOT do that, for safety reasons. I know that when I bought Illuminations candles, they also used a soft wax that completely melted during burning, but any other jar candles I have tried have not.

We did try single wicking this with no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what my next step would be?

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