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SW Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey


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Here's a layered bar I made yesterday morning. A couple of interesting things happened during its making as I was trying to rush to get it in the oven for one hour before zipping off to an appointment.

The first thing was an ingredient problem. Totally convinced I still had a full 10 pound box of mango butter in my oil cupboard I used the little bit I had in the bag for the first layer. So was there mango butter? No, it was a box of shea. :mad: I didn't want shea in this bar. So I subbed sal butter and ran it through SoapMaker. The only difference this substitution made was one one-hundreth ounce of lye more. So the next two layers were made with sal butter in the mix.

The reason I'm explaining all this is the color difference in the top and bottom layer even though they are the same recipe except for one sub. Bottom layer/mango and top layer/sal butter. No color added - just the ground rolled oats. I couldn't believe the difference.


The second thing that occured was the oozing of the FO out of the soap in the mold! This is my first experience with this FO and I couldn't believe the amount of oil coming out. It soaked the paper in the corners of the mold and lay in puddles on the surface of the soap, even making little pock marks on the surface. I used a total of 4.5 oz of FO for 11.75 pounds of soap. :confused: Less than I normally use.

I cut them late last night and this morning they feel like normal soap except the top surface feels a little nubby. They smell good!

Thanks for reading my long post and checking out the soap!

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Thanks, everyone! :)

MsDammit - The secret to straight layer tops for me is pouring the soap at the moment in time when it is the consistency of heavy cream. Just before a drop of soap sits on the surface when you pull the spatula up and let the soap drip off. You know, when you're stirring and you feel a little more resistance begin; and if you wiggle the spatula back and forth there is just the hint of a ripple beginning on the soap surface. That's when I give it one more stir and pour it in the mold. Does any of this description make sense? :rolleyes2 Once it's in, just shimmy the mold from side to side, and back and forth as it sits on the counter top. You get a feel for it after a while. It's a hard thing to describe.

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