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first time EVER trying b&b.....help!


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ok, i got 2 recipes off the herbarie and lots of questions!

silky soft shower gel-it says to soak guarsilk with d.water and to later add hyd. wheat and dl pathenol--heat to around 170. in the mean time, it says to (before hyd. wheat and dl path. are added to water mixture) heat cocoglucoside ss with bbc, smc taurate and ped 150 until melted! i'm so confused! are they basically saying i need 2 pots going?

pearlescent cream shampoo with cocoglucosede ss-it says to use a double boiler since mix. is thick and may burn but it doesn't say what temp. to heat things up to! can i even get it up to temp with a double boiler?

i hope and pray one of you can maybe help me! thank you all soooooo much! this is my FIRST attempt, do you think these recipes maybe too advanced for a newbie? any advice is REALLY appreciated!

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yall are probably right! i have done the m&p soap before and it kinda got boring to me......melt, color, scent, pour..melt, color, scent, pour...you know how it is. i kinda wanted to try something more interesting without having to order premade bases and doing the same thing as with m&p soap. it does sound HARD and intimidating.:o yes, i have already ordered and got in all of my ingredients. i reckon i'll give it a whirl and see what happens:undecided . thanks for the replys and help!

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