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My five year old just keeps amazing me!!


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I swear this kid is going to become a soaper someday, he just keeps on amazing me with his knowledge and craftiness.

I wanted to put a little cinnamon into my Oatmeal soap I was doing (see post about grinding up oatmeal) just to make it a bit more brownish, and on the first batch I just sprinkled some into the melted M&P and it wouldn't mix very well, it just balled up and I had to try and smash it up against the sides of the pour pot and beat the heck out of it, and still it remained in little balls. :angry2:

So, here's my son, playing with the remaining dry ground oatmeal, and he all of the sudden says, "hey mommy, how bout if I sprinkle the cinnamon in the oatmeal, and mix it up?" DOING big lightbulb goes off in my head-"Yes, Spencer, do that, it'll make it mix in the soap sooo much better! You are sooo very smart my baby!!" :D AND, it worked beautifully. I think we could have put a bit more in, but I can't wait to see the difference in the two batches.

I just LOVE him, even if he does make me feel kind of stupid sometimes. LOL

Isn't he the coolest or what?

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It is fun to have help in the kitchen..... sometimes.

Oh I knowwwww. :eek:

That's why I was sooo happy that I actually found something that he could do (the soap curls) that he was really productive with and that wouldn't make a big mess and is easy enough to clean up. ;)

Most of the time when he's "helping" me, he's actually making more work for me. :rolleyes2 KWIM?

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