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Placing an order from JS, what you think?


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Baby Magic

Berry Licious

Blue Berry Cheesecake


Choc Chip Cookie Dough

Cin French Toast

Coco Cream Pie


Green Apple MArtini


Lemon Magnolia


Mimosa Manderian


Pina Colada

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Raspberry Van Cream

Secret Recipe

Strawberry Cheese cake

Mojita Cocktail

100% Soy

Hey Becky, expect an order from me soon!!!

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The only one I've tried on your list is the Green Apple Martini & I didn't care for it. Not very strong or very apple smelling to me. I just added 3 JS scents, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Cranberry Orange & Chestnuts & Brown Sugar LOVE these ones!!

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I loved the mimosa mandarin OOB, but I got a fuel smell with it. Then again, seems my wax gives off fuel with any oil that has any citrus in it at all.

Mojito is one of my personal favorites. I haven't sold much of it, but I love it.

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Baby Magic- dead on and strong in soy

Blue Berry Cheesecake- try the blueberry cobbler

Coco Cream Pie- still smells a bit like fule to me, but it the strongest thorw I have found yet

Almond- IN LOVE with and want to swin in her almond marizpan!!!!!!!

Mulberry- I had a lot of sales with this one last christmas season

Mojita Cocktail- can you say STRONG!!!!!!!!!

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