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Current Views on Taylored Waxes

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I was just wondering what the current views are on these waxes from Taylored Concepts. If you have used these, I'd love to know what you think about them - especially in the areas of mushrooming and wet spots.

Taylored 50/50

Taylored 30/70

Taylored Container

I'm currently using GL 70/30, but since my original CBA changed, I'm always looking out for the "perfect wax" (aren't we all). All of TC waxes above have more paraffin than soy (the "container" says "compared to J series - I'm a container-paraffin virgin so I don't know what "J" that one compares to).

My goal, if possible, is to keep the same great glass adhesion, but lessen the usual soy mushrooming - but not at the expense of possible soot increase.

Thanks everyone - I appreciate it.

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