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It finally happened... DH wants some soap


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ok so this weekend Jeremy made me a soap mold... a shelf for all my stuff... and now wants me to make soap that can take grease etc off his hands... like a Mechanics soap...

COOL cause he has been so non interested in my soaping for years!!

so my question is does anyone know where I can find a good Mechanic's soap recipie?

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ok well I should clarify the soaping for years... lol at first I was only doing bath salts and other 'spa' type Items... so I cant blame him for not using that... but the m&P has been around for a long time and he wont use it...

And then when I started cp he wouldnt use it either ... until this weekend...

THANK GOODNESS LOL ... it was a long time coming for him to really feel the worth of my 'hobbie'

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Isn't it wonderful when they finally come around?? My hub is still in the closet about it... I know he loves my soaps but he won't admit to it (he has a bad case of "testosterone poisoning"!).

I make what I call a "Kitchen Bar" - I use triple strength coffee as my liquid and add fresh coffee grounds and sweet orange oil at trace. Works great to remove scents from your hands and also grease and paints. I gave one to my friend that is a mechanic and he likes it much better than that other stuff you buy in the store.

Life & Light!


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Congrats!! Im finally converting mine, one day we ran out of irish spring, and when it didnt "magically restock" he was forced to use what was in the shower :) I just finished making him a special batch high on lathering oils since he complains it dosnt lather fast enough for him.

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