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wholesale - shipping tureens,anyone doing this?


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I need some packing suggestions/help. I am shipping 12 ounce tureens, they come packed 12 in a box but I don't think I can just ship that boxed with the jars filled, what is the most economical way to get shipping boxes and material? I had that thought about finding a box that those boxes would fit in. This of course will all add to my cost.

wholesale people, please give me some advise.

also, is it cheaper to take boxes to a UPS store than to have them picked up at a residence? they told me at the ups store that shipping to a residence adds about $3 to the fee so I am assuming picking up from one would be the same.

thanks so much

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Shipping cases at a time is best done (IMO) with the "box in box" method. Put the tureens in the box they came in, then put that box in a bigger box and surround it with peanuts or paper or other packing material so it doesn't move around in the bigger box.

You can put more than one case in the bigger box, just make sure it has plenty of packing material around it and all boxes are packed in tightly.

I print out FedEx slips and then drop them off at the FedEx place. If you sell just a little bit, Kinko's has a Fedex store and the one near me sells packing peanuts for around $15 for around 27 cubic feet.

If you're shipping more, or more often, I'd recommend finding a box warehouse/factory within driving distance and getting your packing material there. You'll have to buy more, and boxes are usually sold in bundles of 25 or more, but it's much cheaper per unit.

The $2.50 that Kinko's and FedEx and other retail places want per box is highway robbery.

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depending on your situation and area, you might find a small shop (even a large one) that would be happy to give you all the peanuts you can haul away . For me they are a pita, I have no place to store them and just throw them out and I know other shop owners do the same. The same goes for shipping boxes, I have gotten a lot of them from Walmart, you just have to be there when they are unpacking them before they get out to be crushed. Also if you can find a shop that will give you peanuts they will probably be happy to give you boxes too. Just find out when they get their deliveries.

If you have a UPS store near you it is cheaper to take your boxes, USPS has pick-up service now too you might check into that.

check www.uline.com or www.usbox.com for shipping boxes

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