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Liquid color/tint/dye

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Does anyone here purchase their liquid dye from AAA Candle Supply in Dallas?

I have never had any issues with AAA's dye (I don't think), and it is the only liquid dye I have ever used with the exception of one bottle from another supply company. Not that I needed to buy a pink dye since it is so obvious how to make it, but I decided to buy a bottle just to test it out....thinking it might be some magical great color I hadn't achieved by using small amounts of red. It colored the candle a nice pink, of course, but when the candle was burned it changed colors or basically elimanted the color and turned almost white! Ever had that happen?

I would like to know more about liquid dyes and get everyone's opinion about them. Think they are all basically the same? (with the exception of the Pryme(sp?) dyes?) I have always had the mindset that they were basically the same from all the suppliers but am starting to wonder about it.I have read all the challenges that people have had with the droppers etc. but I have never had that happen and am using some liquid dyes that are 1.5 years old. Maybe they are very different.

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I have used the dyes from WSP and Lonestar. I started with WSP and had to use up to 15 drops per pound and even more on the darker colors I was trying to achieve. I stumbled across the Lonestar dyes and have been swapping the WSP dyes out with them. When I used the Lonestar dyes, I only had to use 2 drops per pound with several of their dyes.. a few more drops depending on the color shade I wanted. Lonestars dyes are VERY concentrated compared to WSP. Hope this is the kind of information you were asking for.


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I also love the Lonestar dyes because they require fewer drops to get a deeper color. I've also used several from Nature's Garden and a few from Alabaster, both of which were good but just required a little more--and neither came in the glass bottles which I prefer and Lonestar uses.

The only liquid dyes I tried that were significantly different were those from The Candlemaker's Store. I spoke with Steve (the owner) and he said his dyes didn't contain toluene (I believe), which was the ingredient that caused a strong fragrance in some dyes. Well, it may cause a strong fragrance, but evidently it helps with color, because those dyes took many more drops than I was comfortable using to get medium colors; and as for red--fuggidaboudit!!

But I didn't have my pink lose color with any of the dyes I tried--sorry, I can't help with that one!



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I have had pink liquid dye turn on me too, also when I put in the wax it looked very light so I put a little bit more and when the candles cooled they were hot hot pink. I've had the liquid dye from a couple of different places, and pink has always had it's little quirks. Never tried Lone Star's dyes, but I might try them.I am a loyal liquid dye user, they just work better for me.

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