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My Marbles and stuff.. 2


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Scan10.jpg: Not a very good picture of a few other marbled shapes.

Scan13.jpg: My attempt at a chunk candle. I don't have much luck with these. It's just me.

Scan15.jpg: Large collection of Marbles and layers

Scan17.jpg: Obligatory "Cute Kitty" picture.

That's it. I'll post again in future if I do anything truely miraculous.


Ontario, Canada





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Thanks all...

The 4 marbles were done with white dyed wax. It makes the contrast rather stark. The kitty is "Kitty". She doesn't like having a camera in her face but is the most laid back 'has to be a part of everything' cat I've had. Anyways, thanks for the kind words, I'll be gettig more practice as the word has gone out at work I make these things and the demand is pushing me into selling them on a more commercial scale. I'll see...


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I really like your Scan13 pic, especially the square. Very nice colour combo and neat design also. Where are u from Tom? I'm in Ontario also. Nice to meet other Canadian candlers on this board. :)

Same here. I'm in Durham Region. Lived there forever. Some of the chunks I've done have turned out horribly, like the one I'm burning now just to get rid of. Red with black chunks. It looks more horrible than it sounds but oh well, live and learn. :) I've seen some magnificent chunk work in this forum, hopefully I can plaguri.. I mean, get some inspiration from the color usage. :)

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