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A Question for all my M&P Soapers


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I recently bought a mold, the mold has cavities in it that require me to make it one color while the rest of the mold is another. Do I color inside the cavity or do I color in another container and then pour into the cavity?? The cavity is kinda small, so I was wondering if I could use a pippette to pour my soap mixture into the cavity? Any help would be appreciated!!

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I make only m & p, and colour it inside the mould. Use a syringe, you get used to it and you get faster. Spray with surgical spirits after, then wait an hour & add the second colour. Dont wait more than a few hours , sometimes it splits when you use the soap if you wait too long..... its easier if the soap is still a teeny bit warm.

I don't understand how you can do it outside the mould and still get a neat job ....? Mary :)

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