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Good Scent Supplier with reasonable international shipping??


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Hi all,

I have found some fantastic scents on US websites but they want to charge an astronomical amount for shipping :angry2::(

For example, I created an order with Aroma Haven - something like 6 small bottles of scents, 6 tart tins and a couple of plastic moulds and the shipping to Australia was US$118!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's that all about???:(

There seems to be a very limited amount of scents available here, surely there must be a good supplier of scents in the US that doesn't charge the earth for shipping??

Can anyone help me?

Thanks so much.


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Most shopping carts aren't going to be set up right for international shipping quote. It's best to email them with the items you have in mind, and ask for an estimate. Would also recommend to keep checking for other suppliers in Oz because some of them might have a wider variety of scents. Look around for other candle makers in your area and find out where they are getting their supplies from.

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