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Can someone suggest a good citrus....


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The citrus scents I have tried have had a fuel smell ( hard to describe)

I have tried lemon zest , tangerine twist and the lemon chiffon also had a little bit of a fuel smell too. They all came from different places so it has me wondering

Is there something I should look for or watch out for in these?


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citrus splash from BCS and Lemon Pucker from BCN...the only straight lemon to not have a fuel smell, and my nose picks up on it fast!

WYW vanilla Grapefruit is nice, but ut too sweet for me, reminds me of fruity pebbles or fruit loops,lol!

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I'm a newby but here are a few of the "citrus" scents I've tried that did not give me ANY fuel smell at all (I use soy):

ICS- Raspberry Lemonade

Candlemaker's Store- Grapefruit Ginger

BCN- Verbena Berry

BCN- Lime Leaf & Lily

Hope that helps!!!


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