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1st pillar in a while, drapped layer

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Please forgive the pic, had to use my scanner. I haven't poured any pillars in a lonnnnnng while. I loved the way this candle looks, then it got ruined. I was SOOOOOOOOOO disappointed. I pulled it out to see how it turned out before doing my repour. Well this was a mistake to say the least. The repour melted the outter edge and the wax over flowed down the side ruining it. It must have been to hot because it melted a small dent most of the way down the side. IMO this is one of the most time consuming techniques, but I LOVE the effect. It's probably my favorite style.

By the way, this is a white-grey-black candle. Kinda funny since my scanner tends to want everything to be in these shades any ways lol.


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Wow thank you everyone for the sweet compliments. It is scented English Ivy, I know the name of that scent doesn't match the colors, but I wanted to work with black and I don't have any scents that match that color in my mind.

Thats one of the 3 good sides, only one side got ruined.

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Actually Eugenia I made this with you in mind because you said you liked the draped layers. It's the first time in a very long time that I was able to get my hands on a couple of pounds of pillar wax. The one side is mared but I'll go ahead and send it to you.

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